Book My Food

BookMyFood was officially announced to the public on this very stage last year at Helsingborg Diwali 2022 organized by Indians Tillsammans.

It’s been a wonderful journey of BookMyFood & its growth through last year. From announcing last year to officially collaborating with Indian Tillsammans this Navratri2022 as well as DIWALI 2022 to handling the event food orders via BookMyFood app was a great experience.

The support from Indian Tillsammans has been a major part of BookMyFood journey & we are glad to have a successful collaboration.

The event was wonderful, filled with lively colors, festive vibes, traditional Indian outfits, great music, lots of food, fun with friends & family. All in all, it was two days of liveliness & experience of the Indian Festive season in Sweden (Home away from Home).

The Diwali event was based on a Theme: INDIAN STATE CULTURE. A chance to witness beautiful and variant cultures of INDIA. DIfferent cultural dance, fun activities and stalls and cultural attire.Everyone reminiscing their home.

Food prepared by all the home chefs for the event particularly represented their respective homes.

The event was particularly enjoyed by everyone, with the first ever DJ in the house. The mood & vibe was amazing. Everyone had a blast dancing to the beats of DJ.

Special thanks to Team Indian Tillsammans & Pallavi Panicker admin of Indian Tillsammans for being a constant support throughout the planning and execution of successful collaboration.

Home Chef