Book My Food

OpenSpaceMindpark Helsingborg organises “Pecha Kucha Night” every month giving people a chance to share their thoughts and connect with new people.

PECHA KUCHA is a Japanese concept of storytelling format where a presenter shows 20 slides for 20 seconds. Presenter can be anyone and they can choose any kind of topic; it can be fun, passion, work, sponsorship. Since the concept itself is so unique, it was really casual yet the information is passed on strongly.

The concept itself is so interesting as well as challenging at the same time. To present yourselves or convey your story in 20seconds for each slide and in 7mins can be tricky.

Heard so many unique presentations. We as a team got a chance to interact with a very different kind of audience and it was really fun too. Presented BookMyFood first time to the internationals. People were really excited to to find out about a platform to access authentic home cooked healthy meals for reasonable prices. Our presentation caught lot of attention and had lot of interesting questions regarding how app works. Overall the experience was so much fun.

To get a glimpse from our presentation please check BookMyFood Instagram or Facebook pages.

The event was live streamed so, to watch our presentation as well as others then please check the link below: